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The unique beauty of rustic ceramic tiles refers to Spanish and Italian interiors, co-creating highly popular Mediterranean style. Inspired by this versatile material, we have created a collection of tiles, which can be used for finishing facades of buildings to give them modern, industrial character, or arranging a living room or terrace full of warmth and southern temperament.  



Collections of ceramic tiles inspired by a pattern of stone may be found in the STONE
segment. They add splendour and natural beauty to every interior, seduce with
simplicity and dignity.
With digital printing technology all grains, cracks and colouring specific to wood have been transferred to the tiles with a remarkable skill and craft. The tiles presented in the WOOD segment will make every interior look noble and sophisticated.
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By using tiles offered in the CEMENTO segment it is possible to create rough interiors,
inspired by the urban style. Mixing materials and introducing wooden elements soothes and softens the style.
The MONOCOLOUR segment offers the possibility to design monochrome interiors, eminent in their simplicity and moderation. Choosing, in turn, from strong, saturated with colour collections, you can create colourful and energetic interiors.
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With structured surfaces and special effects the MONOCHROME segment delivers a dynamic collection that will add a touch of modernism to your interior.
Ceramic tiles from the SOLID 2.0 segment that combine unique technical values with a wide range of colours inspired by natural textures allows creating the unique character of every garden.
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